Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Andrew Sullivan's Obsession With Sarah Palin

Many of us in the blogosphere have been unable to ignore the nearly constant tittering of Andrew Sullivan as he exposes every single bit of misinformation former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin states.

I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I am fine with it, and I think the reason Sullivan is so obsessive over this is that he shares my fear that the 2012 election will feature Sarah Palin. The conservative movement in this country has no real candidate. The GOP, bless there little hearts (if you can find them) has seemingly decided that conservativism isn't as fun as anti-Democratic-shouting, and has seemingly adopted the attitude that Barack Obama is a Dalit, and despite anything Sarah Palin says (gems like "Levi's [Playgirl] pictures are like porn" obviously they are like porn, Sarah, that is why they are in Playgirl) is probably the Fifth Canonical Gospel.

I have this real fear that I won't have a candidate in favor of large budget cuts, just Obama vs. Lying Liar. I have nitemares where I can't vote for a candidate that argues for state rights over Federal consolidation of power, instead I'll have Obama vs. What Are the Anti-Federalist Papers? I have this suspicion that I won't have a candidate that is pro-science while still fiscally conservative (e.g. with NIH budgeting), instead I'll have Obama vs. In God We Delude Ourselves.

It's not like Sullivan, or I, can waste our vote on Barr. And although Obama has done a fair job by my book, and I voted for him (happily) in 2008, it was as much a vote against the GOP as it was a vote for Mr. Obama. My hope is that a true conservative, an old school one, that will reduce Federal spending (including and especially military spending and efforts) will emerge and take the GOP nomination. Right now, however, it looks like there is a very real chance a narcissistic sociopath will be the Republican candidate.

Sullivan documents all her lies, all her hypocrisies, and all her egomania not as much because he is obsessed with her, but because he, like me, is mortally afraid of a world where she is the best opposition to unchecked liberalism that can be mustered.



Josh said...

Imagine what a beautiful world we'd have if every politician was scrutinized and truth checked as much as Palin.

Is Sullivan Clonable and programmable? I see a business opportunity that would give value to any democracy's citizens.

Borders, Language and Culture said...

OK,are you really going to blame Conservatives for "anti-Democratic-shouting" when all the Dems can do is hold on to the Bush-did-it chant? Doesnt that get old?

At this stage in the game, and Im not a Palin fan, Im thinking the only reason Democrats are so focused on her is they are so disheartened with their choice of candidates in Obama.

And if youre relatively happy with what Obama has done so far.... Im not really sure what that would be? He's done nothing constructive as of yet and a lot to hurt where we are, Bush or NO Bush to blame.

His 2006 rant on how the detainees MUST have a full miltary trial only now to state is has to be a full on civil/criminal trial in the NY Courts.

"Give me TARP and unemployment will not reach 8%". Welcome to 10. Or 11, depending on how you count it. Bush's fault too?

So, what has he actually done, other than bow to the latest rouge leader?

Food for thought, if youre hungry.

The Abstracted Engineer said...

I get so tired of people who think that George W. Bush was a conservative.

adam said...

I think that is the huge problem for the G.O.P. They really need to throw Bush under the bus and say, "this guy wasn't a conservative"

I am also tired of people voting on social issues when our economic structure is seriously frail.

I want a candidate that is going to yell from the rooftops "the time to stop the economic bleeding is NOW" It's time to correct our faults, lower our spending, increase revenue and lower our national debt. It seriously bothers me that my children may have to pay over 50% in income tax just to pay the amount of interest in the national debt.

I hate to say it, but one of the biggest screw-ups for the G.O.P. may have been selecting John McCaine over Mitt Romney. Maybe if we paid attention to economics and less attention to abortion, we would have selected a better choice.

adam said...

Lastly, some people may say that I don't have a heart, but I just don't think it is responsible to donate to charity with a credit card and expect someone else to pick up the tab, ala the next president.

Benjamin Dueholm said...

Um, Borders--Bush proposed TARP, and both McCain and Palin endorsed it. You're no doubt thinking of the ARRA, which included a projection that unemployment would peak at 8%. This was obviously incorrect. I haven't found a single reputable economist so far who argues that the ARRA hasn't benefited both growth and employment. The question is whether it will be enough (no) and whether the private sector will pick up the slack as the spending winds down (doubtful). All the same, the state aid, food stamp expansion, and COBRA subsidies kept a bad situation from becoming catastrophic. Also, if you have a job, your payroll taxes went down.

Also, the emperor of Japan is not a rogue leader.

Alex, I feel you, in a way, but this will never, ever happen:

My hope is that a true conservative, an old school one, that will reduce Federal spending (including and especially military spending and efforts) will emerge and take the GOP nomination

The eventual Republican nominee, whoever it is, will have a fiscal program of 1) tax cuts, mostly for the rich; and 2) lots of hand-waving about spending. This is what happened with Bush, with McCain, and I guarantee it will happen with the next crop of Republicans.