Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hummer may continue humming

Those of you that are regular readers know that my dream-vehicle is the God-defying Hummer HX. Built like a Hummer, but with an engine that is actually fully utilized, and removeable panels that will make Jeep owners very bitter, the Hummer HX represents, to me, the perfect vehicle in which to mount a gatling gun. A la this.

So I was saddened by early reports this year that Hummer might get shut down.

But wait! Apparently an undisclosed buyer is in talks with GM to save Hummer! What sort of insane person would buy a vehicle brand made of pure PR-nightmare, gas-guzzling, ugly vehicles that aren't selling well?

The most likely answer is that in the future, I become very exorbitantly wealthy, and use part of my fortune to build a time machine, travel back in time, buy the Hummer brand, and enable myself to own the Hummer HX at a young age!


1 comment:

Jim Noellsch said...

Hop in the Hummer HX, TAE. I'll splatter some Covenant while you mow 'em down with the gun.