Friday, April 24, 2009

Why some people need to shut up.

Ace Ventura crackled onto the screen in 1995, featuring Jim Carrey who, among other things, spent 5 minutes of the movie standing in his own shower trying to pump his stomach using a household plunger after he realized he had jokingly kissed a cross-dressing man earlier in the movie. It debuted Jim Carrey's trademark style of spastic humor, which he used again later that year in Dumb and Dumber and The Mask.

Of course, Carrey's comedic debut was really (and ironically) as a man dressed in women's clothing as Vera de Milo on In Living Color in early 90's.

Anyway, when I think "expert on vaccination safety" I usually think of medical doctors, immunologists, scientists, and various other experts in the field. I do not think someone who's trademark phrase is "La-who-sa-her'!" qualifies as a credible expert in the field.

But then I remembered that Jim Carrey is dating Jenny McCarthy, who has a son with autism, and that McCarthy claims her son was completely normal until he had his MMR vaccine.

"My girlfriend told me vaccines are to blame for her son's disease, as well as her divorce, so they must be really bad."


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Benjamin Dueholm said...

But Jenny McCarthy wrote a whole book about pregnancy by herself! She must be an expert on something.