Sunday, April 26, 2009

TAE's Trademarked Phrases

As the inventor of the phrase "whatev" I've always been looking for what's hip in linguistics so I can take credit for it.

One of my greatest linguistic inventions (actually mine) was the word "godzillion" which basically means a huge, massive amount of money equal to the amount of funds you'd need to fund a research lab that could create Godzilla. I'm sure that'd be an expensive project. It might be cheaper to just detonate nukes at the ocean floor, like the Japanese did, I don't know. In some circles, the word godzillion is becoming wildly popular. The radius of said circles is not up for discussion.

Anyway, whenever government corruption gets en vogue, I always hear the phrase "who will watch the Watchmen?" This phrase has been especially popular given the recent release of the movie "The Watchmen" which is about a bunch of illegal vigilantes.

So now the phrase "who will watch the watchmen?" has gotten a little skewed and the meaning gets derailed. So leave it to me to come up with a new phrase!

Here it is:

"Who will police the policymakers?"

Once again, I've outdone myself.


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Jim Noellsch said...

Done and done. Sit back and wait for the royalty checks to arrive.