Monday, April 20, 2009

Scott Parks Condones Waterboarding

Below is the text of an email I just sent to the Shanin and Parks program, based in Kansas City:
Scott Parks: "Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be waterboarded every day for the rest of his life."

Scott, I have been listening to you guys for a few years now and that is the most offensive thing you have ever said. When you said that I was simply dumbstruck. Normally I nod along as you guys broadcast, but when you said that, I sat there for a second, and then turned you off.
I do not know you, but based on your website claiming you attend Knox Presbyterian Church I suspect you consider yourself a Christian, and if so, you should think long and hard about what Jesus said about your neighbor and what the responsibilities you have as a Christian man with a voice heard by thousands over the radio. You have a real opportunity to show that although you do not like terrorists, and what they do is a vile, vile thing, you are a Christian human being and you will treat the terrorists as fellow human beings.
I am not asking you, or any American, to forgive them, and I believe justice should be swift. But torturing them not just through waterboarding, but through electric shocks, forced physical strain, and various other techniques is heinous and wrong and the Bush Administration has done serious harm to our international stature and it will take years to repair it. I find it sadly ironic that most of the people who are claiming waterboarding is AOK (because, you know, it gets results) are people like you that call themselves Christians, and the cries of foul about the torture have been largely from secular sources.
Christians that do not act the faith they preach are why more than 40% of Americans between age 16-29 say that they "like Jesus, but hate Christians for their hypocrisy" based on a recent Pew study.

I am turning my radio to 97.3 (the local version of KLOVE) for a while, your hypocrisy has lost me as a listener.
Signed, TAE

I encourage any of my readers to email something similar to Scott Parks here, or simply tell anyone you see that Scott Parks is a jackass.


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Benjamin Dueholm said...

Well said. It's interesting--and really sickening--how so many people have decided not that torture is a valuable intelligence tool (a heinous but arguable point) but that it's punishment. That's really bad.