Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The reason trial lawyers love Democrats

As reported here, Rep. Peter J Visclosky, D-Ind, has asked the Federal Elections Committee for permission to use campaign funds to pay for lawyers hired to represent him in an ongoing fundraising investigation.
That's right, he wants to use the very illegal money he shouldn't have to pay for lawyers who will help him keep that illegal money.

Of course, this is the latest trend: last week, awesome human being and inspiration to us all, Rod Blagoyevich asked permission to use the very funds he is indicted for obtaining illegally to pay for his legal defense that he didn't obtain those funds illegally.

The equivalent of this, in engineering terms, would be to ask your thermodynamics professor for the answer to the exam, so you can take the test and prove you are good at thermodynamics. "Without the answers to the test, how can I possibly prove I know the answers to the test?!"

But I think there's a larger issue here: we could be looking at the next great idea for making money. Here's how it works: take money from dubious (and legally troubled) sources via blackmail, bribes, corporate theft, tax evasion, or whatever methods are necessary (and legally grey), then use part of that money to pay slick lawyers to make the whole thing go away. Then, you can use your money as capital to entertain (read: coerce) new investors to give you even more money, which you'll then use to pay more lawyers to bury in the courts, etc etc and so on and so forth.

Maybe I should take a look at J.D. programs around here...


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Benjamin Dueholm said...

Far be it from me to interfere with a good corrupt-politicians rant, but the people known as "trial lawyers" are actually plaintiff's attorneys. They give lots of money to Democrats because Democrats have typically opposed limits on civil liability for just about anything.

The kinds of lawyers who take your money to defend you in court--those lawyers are popular across party lines.