Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to increase blog readership

I was highly pleased this morning when I discovered that my daily page views had topped 100. That means that people who visit this site (around 70/day) are clicking to other, older articles that were missed back when I was my only blog reader.

Now I don't harbor ambitions of being the next Ross Douthat; mostly I just enjoy writing, and practicing my sarcastic, conservative-bent analysis of mostly technology, sometimes politics, sometimes God, and sometimes whatever else. But now that I have crept into the triple digits, I feel like I should really take it up a notch.
I've deduced that the best method to this end is by writing articles that pertain to issues about which many people want to read, they find me on google, and come here. Like my circumcision thread, or my charity thread, both popular, according to my sitemeter. By having the right keywords in my posts, people invariably wander here and hopefully get hooked.
So I came up with a foolproof set of keywords today that will absolutely boost my blog readership into the thousands:

"Lindsay Lohan lesbian nude sex video with Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie."

Don't judge me.


evilrocks said...

moar science plz

Adhish said...

Thank Google they correct spelling mistakes and typos in their search field, and return relevant results. If it were not for that, you'd probably have about half the hits you expect!!