Thursday, April 16, 2009

Final (yeah right) thought on Tea Parties

The largest Tea Party in Kansas City was organized and spearheaded by conservative radio personality Chris Stigall, who yells at Democrats like a good little Rushling every morning on some AM station in Kansas City.

This really, really bothers me, because it proves that the liberals are right: THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY HYPOCRITICAL REPUBLICANS.

You see, it was Stigall and his peers who were for the War in Iraq at any cost, and never once piped up that Bush's spending surges were a bad idea. Never did Stigall say "the $600 dollar rebate checks won't help the economy." Stigall recently went after Robert Gates for "cutting" the defense budget, even though it went up, and argued that we still need F-22 fighter planes to protect us.

All of these things cost money, and the people who started the Tea Party movement were the ones against all of the above, not just against all of the above after Jan 21, 2009. But the Republican party has become like...well...

If you have seen the movie "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" you know at one scene near the end of the movie the 3 protagonists sing for a crowd. Gubernatorial candidate Homer Stokes stops the singing, and the crowd turns wildly against him. Incumbent Governer "Pappy" O'Daniel smells blood, and turns the crowd's anger at Homer Stokes into his campaign, pretending to be a Soggy Bottom Boys fan and winning the crowd (and the home crowd on the radio).

I believe this is what Republican leadership is doing. The Tea Party movement started as pure argument for fiscal responsibility, but the Republican leadership (with a hefty dose of coverage from FoxNews) is trying to re-align that growing energy into anti-Democratic sentiment.

"You hate fiscal waste? Well, forget what we did for the last 8 years! The Republican Party officially hates waste too!"


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