Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dick Cheney Justifies Torture With Results

Dick Cheney:
"Since the U.S. provides most leadership in the world, I don't think we have much to apologize for," said Cheney. Since his departure from the White House, Cheney says he's been concerned over the way the U.S. has been presented overseas and finds Obama's apologies to various countries "disturbing." He also feels Obama's "coziness" with America's opponents like Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez is not "helpful." "It's important the U.S. that we don't come off as arrogant -- but also important to not come across as weak, indecisive and apologetic," said Cheney.
For some reason, Cheney and Obama remind me of Chet and Wyatt from the 1985 movie Weird Science. Wyatt, constantly apologizing to everyone for Chet's violent, reckless behavior, and Chet constantly making fun of Wyatt for being a pathetic weakling.

Anyway, I'm just recycling what others have already said: it's disturbing when people start thinking that the ends justify the means. Of course, having said that, I wonder about my own hypocrisy, because I support Truman's bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki...


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Benjamin Dueholm said...

Also, I see why it's useful for certain people to claim that Obama has been going around the world apologizing to everyone, but it's just not true. He hasn't said anything anywhere that could be construed as an apology with any shred of honesty. It's just bizarre for Cheney to not only be criticizing the new administration so soon (such an orgrous and criminal failure should count himself privileged to be left to obscurity) but to do so this dishonestly.