Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bear Grylls faces impending unemployment

Above is a pictorial representation of how remote places on earth are. The darker they are, the longer it would take someone there to travel to a city of 50,000. Most of earth is now less than 24 hours from the nearest major city, and this does not include towns and villages along the way. Frankly, its getting harder and harder to disappear.
Anyway, after the research was done, it was found that there are almost no places on earth that are 3 full days away from a major city. Think you're safely lost in the Amazon? Well thanks to rapidly expanding river traffic, you're found as soon as you find water. Thanks to an expansive highway system, much of China is now quite developed.

In fact, based on the image below, the only place on earth left to disappear is Nepal.


Adhish said...

Yes, one may disappear in Tibet. I'm interested to know, how does Antarctica score on this map?

Wellsy said...

Greenland looks like it's free game, as well.