Monday, December 15, 2008

Writer's Bloc

Freddie laments as all writers do:
I just can connect nothing with nothing right now. I'm spent. That kind of makes sense, given the calendar, but there's also something more going on that I can't put my finger on. Posts that used to race out of my fingertips are now only coming from great effort. It's strange.

I certainly understand. Lately Freddie has come under the international blog radar for his comments on Detroit and abortion.
Often, after writing a long book, authors take a hiatus, a sabbatical, or a vacation. Blogs, with their high turnover rate and multi-daily posting, don't boast the same work/vacation/work/vacation cycle. So when you go through a deep writing slot on a single topic, like Freddie did, you need a break.

So Freddie, and all tired people out there, go enjoy your holiday. Open some gifts, eat some good food, enjoy your freedoms, and get excited for a new year.

I'll be here, trying to explain the Singularity.


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