Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm sure my minister relatives will have some answer to this one.

Question: If Joseph took Mary to his home town of Bethlehem for the Census, why did they have to stay at an Inn? Did Joseph not have any relatives at all in his own home town that would take him in for a night? I find this part of the Jesus story suspect.

Discuss amongst yourselves.


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Kansas Kerry said...

This very same question only came to me this year. I have 3 guesses.

1) Bethlehem was the ancestral homeland like wherever the hell Wallers originally came from is for us. We don't know anyone in Germany who would put us up.

2) It was a plot device to fulfill some prophecies from the Old Testament.

3) Who cares? The Bible is not a history book, any more than it is a scientific journal that describes how our Earth was made.

What I find notable is that I attended my 31st Xmas Eve service this year and this is the first time that it has struck me to wonder at this detail. I think that speaks to how wondrous the stories are.

TPI will probably have some scholarship for you. He like reads and stuff.