Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday wish lists are much too practical

As the title suggests, I don't appreciate the veritable army of bloggers and media outlets pushing their "Holiday Wish Lists" because they contain affordable, realistic items that a person might seriously buy or receive.
A "wish list" should only contain things that will be given to you if wishes actually came true, not things you actually expect to receive this Holiday Season.

For example, rather than putting a Kindle on your holiday wish list, why not put "T1 connection to Library of Congress" or "Gift Card to Borders with Value = Infinity"

So here's my Holiday Wish List Top 5:
1. Hummer H-4 with bed-mounted .50 caliber fully automatic anti-aircraft gun.
2. EDM Arms .50 BMG with membership to 50 Cal Institute.
3. Panasonic 150 inch plasma screen with BluRay.
4. BigDog robot.
5. P-51 Mustang and P-38 Lightning to dogfight and strafe cows (also requires 100 cows).

Unfortunately, none of these items are yet available on



Freddie said...

The biggest HD screen in the world, apparently, is in the University of Texas football stadium-- it's bigger than an NBA regulation basketball court.

The Abstracted Engineer said...

That one would be significantly harder to justify to my wife.